Eco-friendly heating


Environmentally friendly and efficient heating in churches is a major challenge.
We bring the heat to where it is needed.

Save energy and feel comfortable with THERMOPLUSH seat cushion heating!

Churchgoers want to feel warm and comfortable. But an optimal heating solution must be able to do more! Besides heat output itself, other important criteria must be low energy consumption and protection of the basic building fabric.

Our THERMOPLUSH seat cushion heating is the optimal solution here!

A great advantage of our infrared seat cushion heating is, in any case, the body-near, pleasant warmth and the healthy room climate.
Since there is no air circulation due to rising warm air, masonry, frescoes, paintings and stucco are protected to the maximum. Temperature-dependent detuning of the organ does not even occur.
In addition to that, THERMOPLUSH is a very environmentally friendly and sustainable heating system: extremely economical consumption, effective use of energy and no burning of valuable raw materials.

With THERMOPLUSH you save up to 90 % energy costs!
This extremely low energy consumption not only relieves the municipal coffers, but also makes a valuable contribution to climate protection and the reduction of CO2 emissions!

Also ideal combined with space heating!
With a constant low base temperature, there is no need to heat up the church before a service or concert. Instead, the seat cushion heating provides pleasant warmth in the areas actually used.

Reduce heating costs and save energy

Due to the extremely low energy consumption, the operating costs are correspondingly low. For instance a heating hour for a church with 100 running meters (200 seats) Thermoplush seat cushion heating costs only 1.57 €. Since the seat cushion heating has a short heating time of only 20 minutes, one uses hardly more than 2.00 € heating costs at events such as church services, concerts or similar events.

Another advantage is obvious: Because of  the seat heating, the church does not have to be heated up before events, but can be heated at a constant low temperature. This not only protects the building, but also reduces environmentally harmful CO2 emissions and energy consumption. In total, up to 90% of heating costs can be saved.

Valuable protection of the building fabric and the interior

The seat cushion heating protects both the listed building, i.e. masonry, frescoes, paintings and stucco, and the valuable interior of the church.
Equally advantageous is the fact that there is no air circulation in the church interior when the seat cushion heating is used.
This means that there is no transport of dust particles or even the spread of aerosols.
By far the best side effect, however, is that magnificent works of art or unique architecture are spared and associated restoration work is not required.
It also successfully prevents detuning of the organ, which can be triggered by rising warm air, short-term temperature fluctuations and the resulting condensation.

Healthy warmth and comfort

Our heating seat cushions have an integrated infrared heater, which is operated with a low voltage of 46 volts.
This has a targeted effect on the church visitors, can be variably adjusted and provides a pleasant warmth close to the body and a healthy room climate.

All advantages at a glance


  • Heat exactly where it is needed
  • Low energy costs
  • Short heating phase    
  • Environmentally friendly



  • No detuning of the organ
  • Gentle to object and building
  • No air turbulence
  • No dust particle transport
  • No soot formation on valuable art objects
  • No temperature fluctuations

  • Healthy warmth through infrared heat
  • Seat cushion and heating in one product
  • Comfortable feeling even in the cold season
  • Very durable, easy to clean, dimensionally and shape stable

Kalkulator energii

Niniejszy kalkulator energii umożliwia obliczenie we własnym zakresie kosztów energii ogrzewania.

Należy wprowadzić liczbę miejsc siedzących wymagających ogrzania i kliknąć przycisk ‘oblicz’. Wynik wskazuje jakich kosztów energii w skali godziny należy oczekiwać w przypadku użytkowania ogrzewanych poduszek na ławki Thermoplush. Wartość zostaje obliczona przy uwzględnieniu ceny 0,32 € za KWh energii i wprowadzonej liczby miejsc siedzących (1 miejsce siedzące stanowi odpowiednik 50 cm).

Koszty ogrzewania przy zastosowaniu ogrzewanych poduszek na ławki Thermoplush są zdumiewająco korzystne!